The Basement

Peter Uehlinger vocals, guitars all songs
mandolin Suzie In The Wheelchair
bouzouki The Garden
banjo The Stillhouse, Marble Place
tiplé There's No Tomorrow Today
lapsteel guitar There's No Tomorrow Today
cavaquinho The Garden

David Bollinger keyboards all songs
percussion all songs

Adrian Uhr bass all songs
percussion all songs

Urs Bringolf drums all songs
percussion all songs

Marianne Lehmann vocals all songs

Ephrem Lüchinger hammond organ all songs except The Stillhouse,
Over The Moon 
rhodes Peacock Blues, Back From Russia
The Stillhouse 
piano Ring The Bell, Over The Moon
The Garden 

Flavia Zucca vocals all songs except Back From Russia,
The Stillhouse, Don't Steal The Mike,
The Garden 

Markus Bollinger electric guitar Getting Old, Over The Moon,
Shut Up And Listen 

Richard Dobson vocals Back From Russia,
There's No Tomorrow Today 

Max Lässer weissenborn,
Suzie In The Wheelchair
dobro Over The Moon

Goran Kovacevic accordion Getting Old, Suzie In The Wheelchair,
The Stillhouse, Over The Moon 

Andrea Kirchhofer violin Ring The Bell, The Garden

Marc Schwind uilleann pipes The Garden

producing, recording, editing, mixing David Bollinger
mastering Patrik Schwitter
artwork and design Peter Bührer, Regi Müller
paintings John Illsley