Peter Uehlinger is also a luthier and makes his own guitars. Every instrument is completely handcrafted and unique. Here are a few pictures.
You can see the instruments here

Stratocaster, Telecaster, Les Paul, ES-335 etc. are registered trademarks by the corresponding guitar companies. These references are solely given as an aid to describe the different models.

OOO 12-Fret
OOO 12-Fret - Sides OOO 12-Fret - Bracing OOO 12-Fret - Top OOO 12-Fret - Top and Sides
Top: Sitka spruce - Sides: Rosewood - Bracing: Sitka spruce - Bridge plate: Maple - Kerfing: Basswood - Neck block: Mahogany - End block: Mahogany

ES-335 - Back ES-335 - Body Parts ES-335 - Body Parts
The parts of the body
Back: Maple, birdseye maple, rosewood - Frame: Mahogany - Top: Maple
ES-335 - Neck ES-335 - Neck ES-335 - Neck ES-335 - Neck
Making the neck
Neck: Mahogany - Core: Maple - Fretboard: Rosewood - Head plate: Ebony, rosewood, maple
ES-335 - Body ES-335 - Body ES-335 - Body
Assembling the body
ES-335 - Preparing and Masking ES-335 - Staining ES-335 - Shellac ES-335 - Epoxy pore filler
ES-335 - Sanding ES-335 - Last Coat
Finishing the guitar
Preparing and masking - staining - Shellac - epoxy pore filler - sanding - last coat 

Resolectric - Frame Resolectric - Frame and Body Resolectric - Back Resolectric - Body and Neck
Making the body
Frame: Mahogany - Bracing: Maple - Back: Maple - Top: Maple

Resolectric - Head Resolectric - Head Resolectric - Neck Joint Resolectric
Making the neck
Neck: Maple - Fretboard: Ebony - Head plate: Maple