Here are a few impressions from the uncountable recording sessions for «Corner Shop»:

David Bollinger David Boliinger, Peter Brandenberger
David Bollinger on the Mac and Peter Brandenberger is surveying the operation.
Peter Uehlinger, National Style O-14 Peter Uehlinger, Weber Bouzouki Peter Uehlinger, Vega No. 2
Strings and more: National Style O-14, Weber bouzouki, Vega No. 2, 5-string open back banjo.
Urs Bringolf Drums Urs Bringolf, David Bollinger Urs Bringolf
On these pictures Urs Bringolf is recording the drums and percussion and David Bollinger is checking several microphones and Urs is feeding a Neumann KM184 microphone.
Angela Lohri Angela Lohri, Peter Uehlinger
Angela Lohri and Peter Uehlinger are working on «Sail Away».
Peter Uehlinger, Gibson J-45, Claudio Peruzzo, Tom Anderson Drop Top Claudio Peruzzo, Tom Anderson Drop Top
Claudio Peruzzo came to the Basement Studio to record a guitar solo on «Take Me As I Am». After telling an awful lot of stories he sat down and hit the strings...
Tone Tubby, Lawson, Shure SM-57, Fender Vibroking, Soldano SLO-100, Deluxe Reverb
For gear geeks: Tone Tubby cabinet with a Lawson mike and a Shure SM-57, Fender Vibroking, Soldano SLO-100 and a Deluxe Reverb clone.
Adrian Uhr Adrian Uhr
Adrian Uhr is responsible fort he low notes during the bass recording sessions. We recorded the bass directly on hard drive and reamped it later with an old Ampeg Portaflex. There isn't enough room for the Old Lady in the recording booth...
Adrian Schmid Adrian Schmid, David Bollinger
Here is Adrian Schmid playing the keyboards...
Marc Schwind Nathalie Fahr
Marc Schwind is playing the uillean pipes, layer after layer. Nathalie Fahr is on the accordion...
Paul K. Haug Kammerorchester Flawil David Bollinger
The string arrangement on «Where My Father Used To Live» was written by Paul K. Haug from the Sinfonietta Schaffhausen. In front of the curtain: Kammerorchester Flawil; behind the curtain: David Bollinger.
David Bollinger, Hammond C3 Leslie
What a thrill! David Bollinger is not on the computer! He is playing all Hammond parts.
Marianne Lehmann Peter Brandenberger Dieter Toluzzi Felix Küng
Backing Vocals: Marianne Lehmann, Peter Brandenberger, Dieter Toluzzi, Felix Küng and the golden Lawson L251 tube microphone.
Erik Flückiger, National Tricone Style 1 Peter Uehlinger, Resolectric
We doubled the slide guitar parts: Erik Flückiger and Peter Uehlinger on «Too Strong».
Peter Brandenberger, Gibson J-45 Michael Schmid, Gibson J-180 Everly Brothers
Their fingers must be burning: Peter Brandenberger and Michael Schmid.
Peter Uehlinger, Dobro Hound Dog Peter Uehlinger, Dobro Hound Dog, Peter Brandenberger, Gibson L-4
Dobro Hound Dog, Neumann KM184, Elektro Harmonix ribbon microphone.